Industrial Process Water Disinfection

A large number of industrial processes require consistent quality water for numerous applications. Bacterial contamination of process water can be a minor nuisance or a major headache depending on the process requirements and water treatment processes used. Industries often install water treatment plants to ensure consistent water quality sometimes from multiple water sources. Many water treatment plants tend to accumulate bacterial colonies, which have the potential to interfere with the processes in which the water is used.

Filtration Plant Disinfection, Soft Water Disinfection and DM Water Disinfection

Water filters often tend to harbor bacterial colonies especially with intermittent use. Bacterial growth on filters, bacterial contamination of softening plants, microbial contamination in DM Plants are common causes for microbial contamination of treated water. Over time some microorganisms escape the filters/sifteners and contaminate the treated water. Water filtration plants, DM (De Mineralization) Plants, softening plants are all known to be susceptible to contamination with bacteria, algae, fungi etc. microorganisms which tend to interfere with industrial processes.

Filtered water disinfection with UV technology is a proven solution for such problems.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Disinfection

RO Plants – small and large – often require reliable disinfection for 2 common applications:

  • RO Feed Water Disinfection for Bacterial Fouling of Membranes: When water entering a RO plant is contaminated with microorganisms, some membranes tend to accumulate bacteria, algae and other microorganisms. The bacterial colonies grow on the membrane, feeding on the nutrients in RO feed water. Over time the bacterial fouling starts choking membrane pores and some bacterial escape into RO permeate.
  • RO Permeate Disinfection: Though RO membranes have pore sizes smaller than typical sizes for bacteria, over time RO membranes and the supporting components like O rings start allowing bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms to escape into RO permeate. Even in new RO plants RO permeate needs to be often stored where it can pick up microbial contamination, making it unsafe for use.

Feed water disinfection with UV and RO permeate disinfection are popular and reliable ways to protect your RO plant from microbial contamination.

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