Advance UV Lamps

Advance UV Lamps & Advance UV Spare Parts

Advance C™ Series UV units, Advance F™ Series UV units, Advance FM™ Series medium pressure UV lamp units, Advance M™ Series saltwater UV units, Advance LSC™ Series pharmaceutical UV units and Advance customized UV disinfection units all use advanced UV lamps.

To get the desired disinfection performance from your Advance UV systems, we recommend regularly servicing the UV unit, replacing the UV lamp, O ring and cleaning the quartz thimble.

What is UV lamp life?

A common question we hear is “How long do UV lamps last for?”. In other words, “When should I change UV lamp?”

Over time, all UV lamps tend to lose a part of their germicidal UV intensity. This is a scientific fact. It applies regardless of the UV supplier.

As a result, the UV dose reduces over time as the UV lamp ages. Therefore, as a thumb rule, UV lamps should be replaced annually, or after roughly 8,500 hours of use. However, if the UV unit is being used infrequently, say a only few hours a day, you can expect a proportionally longer life out of the lamp.

How to find Advance UV Lamp Number?

Advance UV lamp numbers are etched on the lamp body near the pins. Most common Advance UV Lamp numbers include UV Lamp LL020-S4™, UV Lamp LL020-S4-O™, UV Lamp LL030-S4™, UV Lamp LL030-S4-O™, UV Lamp LL040-S4™, UV Lamp LL040-S4-O™, UV Lamp LL046A-S4™, UV Lamp LL079-S4™, UV Lamp LL080-S4™, UV Lamp LL120-S4™, UV Lamp LL127-S4™, UV Lamp LL172-S4™, UV Lamp LL180-S4™, UV Lamp LL180-S4-O™, UV Lamp LL235-S4™, UV Lamp LL235-S4-O™, UV Lamp LL320-S4™, UV Lamp LL450-ST4™ and UV Lamp LL450-ST4-O™.

To check the Advance UV Lamp number hold the lamp against light and clear background. If you are not sure of the Advance UV lamp number, do not hesitate to call our friendly team on (02) 9896 1165 and we would be happy to help.

You can also write down the reactor number with RE prefix from the stainless steel UV chamber before contacting us or your nearest Advance UV sales & service partner.

Contact us for with any UV related questions or your Advance UV Lamp number and Advance UV reactor number for advise or any Advance UV lamps, Advance UV quartz sleeves, Advance UV ballasts, Advance UV O rings, Advance UV sensors and Advance UV spare parts. We would be delighted to put you in contact with the right Advance UV sales and service partner for Advance ADV-C and ADV-C LT spares & service.