Basics of UV Disinfection

How does UV work?

The germicidal properties of sunlight are well known for centuries. The germicidal power of sunlight comes from UV-C part of light spectrum. UVC radiation has wavelengths ranging from 200nm to 280nm. Today, germicidal UV Systems are used extensively across Australia and worldwide providing reliable disinfection for potable water, process water, wastewater, air and surfaces.

UV technology is reliable, economical, easy to monitor and simple to use.

Remember, no microorganism is yet known to resist sufficient dose of UV energy.

What is UV Dose? Keep an eye on a separate post on UV Dose.

Advantages of UV Disinfection:

  • No microorganism can resist correctly delivered and sufficiently high UV dose
  • We can monitor UV disinfection online & take immediate corrective action if required
  • UV does not change taste, odour, colour or pH of water
  • UV does not require the addition of chemicals – so is OH&S friendly
  • UV does not generate disinfection by-products in water
  • UV systems are compact and easy to install
  • UV systems require very little maintenance
  • Running costs are often lower than those of a household lightbulb

Is UV a perfect technology? No!

We will look at limitations of UV in a separate post.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us and our friendly team would be happy to help.