Advanced Oxidation

Airborne bacteria, molds, spores and fungi can cause a wide range of issues ranging from contamination of food products, hygiene challenges in food packing areas, buildup of biofilm on HVAC coils, sick building syndromes in HVAC installations and hospitals, etc.

Well designed UV solutions can effectively solve these challenges. Common UV air disinfection applications include:

HVAC Cooling Coil Disinfection

AHU cooling coils in HVAC installations tend to accumulate airborne contaminants including bacteria, moulds and spores. This leads to buildup of biofilm on the AHU cooling coils, reducing the heat transfer efficiency. The biofilm on cooling coils also adds to deterioration of air quality in HVAC installations.

Custom designed UV fittings irradiate the HVAC cooling coils to minimize biofilm buildup on the cooling coils. The Advance UV lamps not only minimize biofilm buildup on cooling coils, but also disinfect the air as it passes over them.

Effective UV irradiation of cooling coils increases the mean time between cooling coil cleanups.

Contact us for UVGI of cooling coils.

Air Disinfection in Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Aged Care Centers

Air in operating theatres, hospitals, nursing homes and aged care centers is prone to contamination from numerous microbial agents. Patients, children and the elderly often have lower immunity to airborne infections. This can often be seen in cases of pneumonia and lung infections acquired after being admitted to a hospital or nursing home.

Bacteria and airborne contaminants spread throughout the HVAC ducting, air filters and coils as the contaminated air circulates throughout the buildings.

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