Aquaculture UV

Fish farms stock high value fish and crustaceans. The fish stock is always under threat of contamination from bacteria and other microorganisms in water.

Chlorine doesn’t protect from chlorine-resistant microorganisms. Ozone can be used, but can be very expensive. Excess chlorine or ozone can be harmful to the fish. There are restrictions on use of chemicals in fish farms as well.

This makes UV an attractive option for aquaculture industry. When used correctly, UV offers a reliable disinfection option to fish farms and hatcheries. UV doesn’t change pH of water, is safe to use and can be monitored online.

Depending on the requirement, ultraviolet disinfection on fish farms is commonly used in

Feed water to inactivate fish pathogens in inlet water
Fish tank disinfection in a recirculation loop to for fish tank water disinfection
Effluent water disinfection
Fish hatchery disinfection
Seafood farm disinfection
Process water in fish and seafood processing units
Marine wellboats and transportation tanks
Aquarium disinfection

Advance UV Systems offer reliable protection from pathogens like Aeromonas, Enterovirulent E-Coli, Pseudomonas, Streptococcus, Vibrio and other pathogenic microorganisms.

Advance C™ and FM™ Series are used for freshwater disinfection, while Advance M™ series is popular for saltwater disinfection. Customized UV units are available for high flow rates & high UV dose requirements.

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