Chloramines Reduction UV

Swimming pools are legally required to have residual chlorine. When all types of impurities enter the pool water, the Chlorine in pool water chemically reacts with them. These complex chemical reactions form a group of chemicals called chloramines. The chloramines continue to accumulate in pool water. Typical “pool smell” indicates likelihood of presence of chloramines in the pool.

Health effects & risks of Chloramines range from skin and eye irritation to cancers of skin and digestive system. Several studies have established health effects of chloramines.

Indoor pools are particularly susceptible to Chloramines contamination of the air above the pool. Young children, the elderly and persons with lower immunity are particularly susceptible to asthma and breathing difficulties caused by Chloramines.

Powerful UV lamps used in Advance UV units break down the molecular bonds in chloramines and reduce the chloramine levels in pool water and the air above pool.

Advance FM™ and XM™ Series destroy chloramines levels in pool water and THMs in air above indoor pools. Advance ADV-FM™ and XM™ Series use high intensity polychromatic lamps with peaks UV intensities at multiple wavelengths. Sufficiently high UV dose breaks down the bonds between Chloramines molecules.

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