Custom Built UV Solutions

Custom UV Solutions

With over 45+ years’ UV experience and our own product development and manufacturing capabilities, Advance UV Systems has the unique ability to provide custom built UV systems to meet your specific UV application requirements. We offer unique ability to build a reliable UV solution specifically tailored to meet your requirements.
Advance Custom UV solution development process
– Understand your specific requirements
– Collaboratively develop UV specifications
– Check possibility to modify a standard Advance UV system to meet your requirements
– Freeze specifications of final UV solution
– Manufacture the tailor made UV unit
– Provide installation and technical support for the customized UV system

Our custom designed UV solutions find applications in TOC Reduction, Advanced Oxidation, Photochemical Oxidation, UV Dechlorination, Ultrapure Water Disinfection, Syrup Disinfection, etc.
Some examples for bespoke UV units built for your special UV applications are below.
If you would like to discuss your UV requirement, please contact us.

Advance ADV-LSC™ Series: Pharmaceutical UV Systems

We often build pharmaceutical UV units for ultrapure water generation plants, pharmaceutical water distribution loops, pharmaceutical process water plants, etc.

Advance ADV-LSC™ Series pharmaceutical UV systems offer features like
– Sanitary construction with tri-clover sanitary fittings
– Full material traceability to heat numbers
– Internal electro-polishing and Ra value certification
– ASME BPE compliance
– Pharmaceutical UV sensors and UV intensity monitors
– TOC reduction UV systems
– Digital UV intensity sensors with calibration certificates

Advance ADV-BRX™ Series: Sugar Syrup Disinfection Systems

Ultraviolet disinfection of sugar syrups can significantly enhance shelf life of products by inactivating yeasts, bacteria, molds, spores and other heat resistant microorganisms found in sugar syrups, maple syrups etc, used in food and beverage industries.

Advance UV Systems have proven performance in challenging sugar syrup UV disinfection applications at leading multinational food and beverage plants.

Advantages of Advance ADV-BRX™ Series syrup disinfection UV units

– Reliable inactivation of yeasts, temperature resistant bacteria, molds etc
– Lower downtime compared to thermal disinfection processes
– Superior process control through online monitoring of UV intensity
– Easy to use and maintain
– Available for a wide range from syrup flow rates
– Based on low pressure and medium pressure UV technologies depending on application

UV disinfection of syrups is growing in popularity. Contact us to discuss your syrup UV disinfection requirement

UV Upgrades/UV Retrofits

UV upgrade and UV retrofit projects often require a custom built Advance UV system when an existing UV system is no longer functioning as required.

Instead of having to change the pipe work at a lot of expense, downtime and efforts customers often ask us to develop a customized UV unit to fit their existing pipe work, available space and deliver the required disinfection performance within the available constraints.

Advance retrofit UV solutions offer advantages including

– No or minimal changes to pipe work
– “Plug & play” UV solutions that work
– Manual quartz sleeve wipers
– The same reliable disinfection performance for which customers depend on Advance UV Systems