Custom UV & Retrofits

Custom UV Solutions

Sometimes a standard UV unit doesn’t meet customer requirements. For example, restricted space, an old UV unit that needs to be refurbished. Some applications require different materials like Duplex stainless steels.

We have over 45+ years’ UV experience and our our own factory. Over the years, we have developed many UV units and parts. As a result, we can provide custom built UV systems tailored to meet specific requirements.

Our bespoke UV solutions find applications in TOC Reduction, Advanced Oxidation, Photochemical Oxidation, UV Dechlorination, Ultrapure Water Disinfection, Syrup Disinfection, etc.

If you would like to discuss your UV requirement, please contact us.

UV Upgrades/UV Retrofits

UV upgrade and UV retrofit projects often require a custom built Advance UV system when an existing UV system is no longer functioning as required.

Instead of having to change the pipe work at a lot of expense, downtime and efforts customers often ask us to develop a customized UV unit to fit their existing pipe work, available space and deliver the required disinfection performance within the available constraints.

Advance retrofit UV solutions offer advantages including

– No or minimal changes to pipe work
– “Plug & play” UV solutions that work
– Manual quartz sleeve wipers
– Reliable disinfection performance