Advance F™ Series

Advance F™ Series: High flow industrial UV disinfection from 15m3/hr (250lpm) to 300+m3/hr (5,000lpm) and above for demanding industrial and municipal water disinfection applications.

Advance F™ Series uses WaterMark certified, robust quality SS316 UV reactors with removable flanged ends, high performance amalgam UV lamps matched with tuned electronic ballasts and turbulent flow design in single or multiple lamp reactor configuration to deliver reliable disinfection performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable disinfection performance
  • UV dose modeling software based design
  • Z configuration uniform UV dose distribution
  • Hydraulically optimized design for maximum water turbulence
  • WaterMark Level1 certified (Certificate No: ISC-WM030024-I01-R00)
  • Non-chemical, no residues, no change to water chemistry
  • Very economical (typical disinfection cost is below fraction of a cent per litre of water)
  • Robust quality for long life, trouble free operation
  • Easy to install, use & maintain
  • Single or multiple lamp UV reactors
  • High performance monochromatic ultraviolet lamps with peak wavelength at 254nm
  • Tuned electronic ballasts
  • High %UVT quartz thimbles
  • Custom units available
  • Optional quartz sleeve wipers


  • Chloramines destruction UV light

Sizing of correct UV unit depends on factors including

  • Desired UV Dose
  • Peak flow rate
  • %UVT10 of water

Advance ADV-F™ Series for water with 80-98%UVT

The table below shows Advance ADV-F™ Series UV units for EOL (end of lamp life) UV Dose of 25mJ/cm2 (250J/m2) @98%UVT10. For different UV Dose, Peak Flow Rate & %UVT requirements, please contact us.

ADV-F-30 450 27 200 3” (80mm)
ADV-F-35 550 33 270 3” (80mm)
ADV-F-50 1,083 65 500 4” (100mm)
ADV-F-60 867 52 400 4” (100mm)
ADV-F-70 1,100 66 540 4” (100mm)
ADV-F-90 1,350 81 600 4” (100mm)
ADV-F-100 2,167 130 1000 4” (100mm)
ADV-F-105 1,650 99 810 4” (100mm)
ADV-F-120 1,800 108 800 4” (100mm)
ADV-F-140 2,200 132 1080 4” (100mm)
ADV-F-150 3,250 195 1500 4” (100mm)
ADV-F-200 4,333 260 2000 6” (150mm)

Advance ADV-F™ Series for water with 40-80%UVT

We can offer Advance ADV-F™ Series models specifically designed to handle water with low UVT from 40% to 80%.

For advise on sizing a UV unit at low UVT, please contact us.

Wide Choice of Power Supply Boxs

Different versions available all with standard 10A GPO plug and 2m lamp lead

Advance ADV-F™ Series Power Supply with Mechanical Hour Counter

Advance ADV-PRO™ Series Power Supply with UV Intensity Monitor

Advance ADV-F™ Series Power Supply for a mine site

Advance ADV-F™ Series Stainless Steel Power Supply with UV Intensity Monitor

Options: (additional cost)

  • UV intensity monitor & sensor
  • Stainless steel enclosure or glass reinforced polyester enclosure
  • Spare set of volt free contacts (BMS)
  • Longer lamp leads
  • PLC Integration
  • Chamber thermostat with solenoid valve for over-temperature protection
  • Sampling ports
  • Quartz sleeve wiper (manual)
  • Thermal Relief Value
  • U configuration (Water fitting on opposite sides of chamber)

Advance ADV-F™ and ADV-F LT™ Series Spare Parts

To get the desired disinfection performance from your Advance F™ and F-LT™ Series UV unit, we recommend regularly servicing the UV unit, replacing the UV lamp, O ring and cleaning the quartz thimble.

Advance F™ and F-LT™ Series UV lamp numbers are etched on the lamp body near the pins and include UV Lamp LL180-S4™, UV Lamp LL180-S4-O™, UV Lamp LL235-S4™, UV Lamp LL235-S4-O™, UV Lamp LL320-S4™, UV Lamp LL450-ST4™ and UV Lamp LL450-ST4-O™.

To check the Advance UV Lamp number hold the lamp against light and clear background. You can also write down the reactor number with RE prefix from the stainless steel UV chamber before contacting us or your nearest Advance UV sales & service partner.

Contact us for with any UV related questions or your Advance UV Lamp number and Advance UV reactor number for advise or any Advance UV lamps, Advance UV quartz sleeves, Advance UV ballasts, Advance UV O rings, Advance UV sensors and Advance UV spare parts. We would be delighted to put you in contact with the right Advance UV sales and service partner for Advance F™ and F-LT™ UV spares & service.

Advance ADV-F Series: Technical Summary

Peak Flow Rate (m3/hr) [Note1] 1m3/hr to 500m3/hr
Peak Flow Rate (lpm) [Note1] 17lpm to 8,333lpm
%UVT10 40% to 98%+
Operating Water Pressure (bar) 0 to 10 bar
Operating Water Temperature 4oC to 85 oC
Input Power Required 230V AC, 50-60Hz

* Contact us for model selection to suit your application
Note1: Recommended peak flow rate depends on factors like desired EOL UV Dose, %UVT of water, etc