Legionella Control

Legionella is a bacteria that infects lungs and causes Legionnaire’s Disease. Legionnaires Disease can be potentially fatal.

Though low levels of Legionella occur in the environment, rapid Legionella growth in warm water systems can easily increase the Legionella concentration to dangerous levels. Legionella in cooling towers and warm water systems can easily infect lungs through aerosols formed when using warm water infected with Legionella.

Legionella is known to infect hot water tanks, hot water distribution pipelines, hot water tubs, cooling towers, and hot water generation and distribution systems. Especially in equipment and buildings with hot water distribution networks, it becomes difficult to continuously maintain water temperature above or below 20-50 oC – the band that promotes Legionella growth.

Legionella Control regulations like Public Health Act 2010 discuss the legal responsibilities of building owners and operators to ensure Legionella free warm water systems and equipment.

Ultraviolet Disinfection for Legionella Control

UV Lamps for Legionella Control are a reliable solution if selected and applied correctly. The essential considerations include peak flow rate of water, UVT of water, changes to UVT of water with environmental conditions, minimum and maximum water temperature entering the UV unit location of the UV unit/s in the hot water distribution network or hot water equipment and maintenance. The UVC output of some types of UV lamps drops with increase in water temperature. It is critical to ensure that the UV System selection for Legionella control is based on UVC output at the operating temperature.

Advance ADV-C™ Series UV Units for Legionella control use lamps with stable UVC output at elevated temperatures…

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