Advance LSC™ Series

Pharmaceutical UV, Ultrapure UV

Advance LSC™ Series: Pharmaceutical UV Sterilizers

Advance LSC™ Series pharmaceutical UV units find applications in ultrapure water generation plants and pharmaceutical water distribution loops. This range is also popular for pharmaceutical process water disinfection, TOC reduction, UV dechlorination and Ozone destruction UV applications.

Features of Advance LSC™ Series:
– Sanitary construction Ra<0.38 micron, with sanitary fittings
– Full material traceability to heat numbers
– Internal electro-polishing and Ra value certification
– ASME BPE compliance
– Pharmaceutical UV sensors and UV intensity monitors
– TOC reduction UV systems
– Digital UV intensity sensors with calibration certificates


Advance LSC Pharmaceutical UV unit

Optional features

  • Custom designed pharmaceutical UV units
  • PLCs
  • Custom sanitary water fittings

Choice of Power Supplies

Stainless steel UV power supply
Advance UV Standard Power Supply with UV Monitor








Advance H™ Series: Pharmaceutical Tank Headspace Disinfection

Our Advance H™ Series protects tank headspace from airborne moulds, spored and other contaminants. The UV lamp is sealed inside quartz thimble. It irradiate tank headspace with UVC radiation for protection of headspace as the level of liquid in the tank rises and falls.

Standard units available for 2″ and 2.5″ sanitary fittings on tank roof.

Pharmaceutical tank headspace disinfection UV