Advance PH™ Series

Pharmaceutical UV, Ultrapure UV

Advance PH™ Series: Pharmaceutical UV Sterilizers

Ultra-pure water free from any microbial risks is a basic requirement of pharmaceutical plants. UV is ideal for disinfecting purified water. The pharmaceutical UV units require sanitary design, internal electro-polishing to <0.38Ra microns and full wetted materiala traceability.

Advance pharmaceutical UV lamp units are specifically designed & built to meet these requirements.  They are popular for pharmaceutical process water disinfection, ultrapure water disinfection, TOC reduction, UV de-chlorination and Ozone destruction.

Features of Advance LSC™ Series:
– Sanitary construction Ra<0.38 micron, with sanitary fittings
– Full wetted material traceability to heat numbers
– Internal electro-polishing and Ra value certification
– ASME BPE compliance
– Pharmaceutical UV sensors and UV intensity monitors
– TOC reduction UV systems
– Digital UV intensity sensors with calibration certificates

Advance LSC Pharmaceutical UV unit

Optional features

  • Custom designed pharmaceutical UV units
  • PLCs
  • Custom sanitary water fittings

Choice of Power Supplies

Stainless steel UV power supply
Advance UV Standard Power Supply with UV Monitor

We also offer Advance H™ Series for Pharmaceutical Tank Headspace Disinfection