Pharmaceutical Water Disinfection

Pharmaceutical, biotech and life sciences industry typically uses ultraviolet disinfection to prevent microbial contamination of pharmaceutical water hence pharmaceutical products. Stringent TGA guidelines and USFDA regulations requires pharmaceutical and biotech plants and labs to demonstrate their ability to control microbial growth in their inst

UV Disinfection in Pure Water Generation Plants

Water for pharmaceutical use is commonly purified in Pharmaceutical Water Generation Plants.

Typical process plan

Filtration -> Reverse Osmosis -> EDI -> Ultraviolet Disinfection -> Storage

Pharmaceutical UV lamp units require sanitary design based on cGMP guidelines to minimize chances of bacterial growth and biofilm deposition.

Ultraviolet Disinfection in Pure Water Distribution Systems

Potential microbial contamination of pharmaceutical water distribution systems and ultrapure water distribution loops is an ongoing risk for pharmaceutical, biotech and ultra pure water installations. In addition to water distribution system design and installation, ultraviolet disinfection units form a key part of purified water distribution systems to prevent microbial growth.

Advance ADV-LS™ Series UV units offer SS316L construction, internal finishing with Ra less than 0.38, internal electro-polish, sanitary fittings, DVGW W294.3 UV intensity sensors and monitors optional material traceability certificates as per ASME BPE standard and optional PLC integration.

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