Advance FM™ Series

Advance FM™ Series is ideal for chloramines reduction in commercial swimming pools, aquatic parks, swim schools, aqua therapy pools and leisure centers. Other popular applications for Advance FM™ Series include UV water disinfection in aquaculture fish farms, fish hatcheries, municipal water disinfection, as well as TOC reduction and advanced oxidation.

Advance FM™ Series is the preferred choice of veteran water treatment and commercial pool professionals for its robust build quality and long term hassle free performance backed by knowledgeable application advice from an experienced team.

Advance FM™ Series uses polychromatic Medium Pressure UV Lamps in robust quality Duplex Stainless Steel, SS316 electro-polished or HDPE UV reactors with removable flanged ends, quartz sleeve wipers, electronic variable power or magnetic ballasts and turbulent flow design in single or multiple lamp reactor configuration to deliver reliable disinfection and chloramines control performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable disinfection and chloramines control performance
  • High performance polychromatic medium pressure UV lamps
  • Choice of Ozone producing UV lamps or Ozone-free UV lamps
  • Singled end access for easy service
  • UV dose modeling software based design
  • Quartz sleeve wipers
  • Local or remote operation
  • Thermostat protection from water over temperature
  • Flow switch safety interlock (flow switch not supplied)
  • WaterMark Level1 certified (Certificate No: ISC-WM030024-I01-R00)
  • Non-chemical, no residues, no change to water chemistry
  • Very economical (typical disinfection cost is below fraction of a cent per liter of water)
  • Robust quality for long life, trouble free operation
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • Single lamp or multiple lamp UV reactors
  • Turbulent flow for uniform UV dose distribution
  • Z or U configuration water inlet/outlet ports
  • High %UVT quartz thimbles
  • Custom units available
  • Duplex Stainless Steel UV available
  • HDPE UV available for saltwater applications


UV System Selection

Sizing of correct UV unit depends on factors including

  • Desired UV Dose
  • Peak flow rate
  • %UVT10 of water

Advance ADV-M™ Series for water with 80-98%UVT

The table below shows Advance ADV-FM Series UV units for EOL (end of lamp life) UV Dose of 60mJ/cm2 (600J/m2) @90%UVT10 for chloramines reduction in swimming pools.

Contact us for UV system sizing based on other combinations of Peak Flow Rate, %UVT & UV Dose Requirement.

ADV-FM 25 333.33 20 1 KW
ADV-FM 35 500.00 30 1.5KW
ADV-FM 50 583.33 35 2KW
ADV-FM 45 666.67 40 1KW
ADV-FM 100 916.67 55 2KW
ADV-FM 105 1,750.00 105 3.6KW
ADV-FM 135 1,983.33 119 4KW
ADV-FM 80 1,066.67 64 2KW
ADV-FM 160 2,083.33 125 4KW
ADV-FM 250 3,450.00 207 6KW
ADV-FM 280 3,483.33 209 6KW
ADV-FM 300 4,816.67 289 8KW
ADV-FM 550 7,000.00 420 12KW

Options: (additional cost)

  • UV intensity monitor & sensor
  • Stainless steel enclosure or glass reinforced polyester enclosure
  • Spare set of volt free contacts (BMS)
  • Longer lamp lead
  • Chamber thermostat with solenoid valve for over-temperature protection
  • Sampling ports
  • Quartz sleeve wiper (manual)
  • U configuration (Water fitting on the same sides of chamber)

Advance ADV-FM™ and ADV-FM™ LT™ Series Spare Parts

Contact us for Advance UV lamps, Advance UV quartz sleeves, Advance UV ballasts, Advance UV O rings, Advance UV sensors and Advance UV spare parts. We would be delighted to put you in contact with Advance UV resellers for Advance ADV-FM™ spares & service.

Advance ADV-FM™ Series: Technical Summary

Peak Flow Rate (m3/hr) [Note1] 30m3/hr to 420m3/hr
Peak Flow Rate (lpm) [Note1] 500lpm to 7,000lpm
%UVT10 80% to 98%+
Operating Water Pressure (kg/cm2) 1kg/cm2 to 6kg/cm2
Operating Water Temperature 4oC to 45oC
Input Power Required 415V AC, 3 phase

* Contact us for model selection to suit your application
Note1: Recommended peak flow rate depends on factors like desired EOL UV Dose, %UVT of water, etc.