Puretec UV Lamp

Puretec UV Lamp Replacement*

Our Sydney warehouse carries extensive stock of high quality Puretec UV lamp replacements* and Puretec UV bulb replacements*. We can assist with Puretec* UV troubleshooting, backed by high quality Puretec* UV lamp replacements and expert advise. You might also be interested in our Puretec UV Controller Replacements.

We stock Puretec UV lamp* replacements for Puretec* UV filter units including

Puretec UV R500*

Puretec UV R1400*

Puretec UV R2700*

Puretec UV R5000*

Puretec Hybrid G6*

Puretec Hybrid G7*

Puretec Hybrid G8*

Puretec Hybrid UV Water filter series*

Examples of Puretec UV Lamp replacements we offer

Puretec RL2 UV Lamp Replacement*

Puretec RL3 UV Lamp Replacement*

Puretec RL4 UV Lamp Replacement*

Puretec RL5 UV Lamp Replacement*

Puretec RL6 UV Lamp Replacement*

Puretec RL6K UV Lamp Replacement*

Puretec RL10K UV Lamp Replacement*

Puretec RL17k UV Lamp Replacement*


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