Saltwater Disinfection

Do bacteria survive in saltwater?

Bacteria and other microorganisms can grow in saltwater and are a potential concern to saltwater fish farms.

Saltwater containing higher chlorine levels can cause heat affected zone corrosion in SS316L. This causes corrosion problems in conventional SS316L UV units in spite of passivation and electro-polishing treatments. Over time conventional SS316L UV units develop pitting corrosion, which leaches Fe into the water, adversely affecting UVT of the water hence UV dose delivered to the salt water.

Advance ADV-M Series UV units are built from high performance polymers to withstand the combination of high chlorine levels and elevated temperatures typically found in heated swimming pools and tropical salt water fish farms. Advance ADV-M Series UV units have proven very successful in salt water fish farms, salt water pools and seawater disinfection applications.

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