Storm Water Disinfection

Storm water treatment generally comprises storm water filtration and UV disinfection. Common uses of treated storm water include irrigation, flushing, washing or makeup water.

Storm Water UV Disinfection

Rooftops are a great source of storm water. After all, rooftops cover large areas and already have water drains. Large buildings and industrial warehouses also collect storm water from car parks and areas surrounding the buildings. Therefore, storm water may contain many types of contaminants. For example, storm water commonly has traces of rubber, oil & grease, humic acids, tannins, iron compounds, etc. In addition, storm water contains many types of microorganisms from bird droppings, leaves & other organic contaminants. Therefore, UVT of storm water is generally variable or low.

Advantages of Storm water UV disinfection

  • Reliable: A good UV unit inactivates the multitude of microbes found in storm water.
  • Easy to use: Well installed UV units require minimal maintenance or supervision.
  • Economical: The cost of UV disinfection is a few cents per m3
  • No corrosion: Unlike Chlorine, UV doesn’t corrode steels
  • Easy to reuse water: It is easy to reuse filtered and UV disinfected storm water

Good storm water treatment requires consideration of sire conditions and variables. Hundreds of Advance UV units are used to disinfect storm water throughout Australia. Contact us for any storm water disinfection questions or advise on troubleshooting any storm water UV units.

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