Sugar Syrup Disinfection

Advance UV Systems builds customized ultraviolet disinfection systems for Sugar syrup disinfection, maple syrup disinfection, apple syrup disinfection and disinfection of low UVT liquids. Advance Syrup UV disinfection units are popular with food and beverage manufacturers, brewing enthusiasts and large soft drink manufacturers.

Sugar syrup is commonly used in numerous applications:

  • Foods
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical syrups, tablet coatings, etc.

Common causes of microbial problems in sugar syrup:

  • Yeasts and molds
  • Fungi and fungal spores
  • Bacteria and other pathogens

Common sources of microbial problems in sugar syrup:

  • Water used to make the syrup
  • Sugar
  • Air in headspace of the sugar syrup holding tank
  • Air and surfaces in processing/packing areas

Common effects of microbial problems in sugar syrup:

  • Rejection of products because of microbiological contamination (e.g. fungus/mold)
  • Lower shelf life of sugar syrup (or the product made with the sugar syrup)
  • Other microbial problems

Thermal Disinfection of Syrup

Thermal disinfection processes have many limitations for sugar syrup:

  • Insufficient protection from yeasts, fungi, fungal spores, etc.
  • Non-uniform disinfection
  • Very expensive
  • Very high energy consumption
  • Time consuming – slows down production
  • Needs periodic cleaning and maintenance
  • No protection from airborne microbes during storage
  • High maintenance costs and downtime

How to control yeast in Sugar Syrups?

Depending on the UV transmittance of sugar syrup, conventional UV sterilizers in most cases struggle to control molds and yeasts in sugar syrups. As most syrups tend to have very low UV transmittance, yeast control in syrups requires specially designed UV units based on the syrup parameters.

Contact us for more information with details of your syrup and we would be happy to offer you a UV solution that solves the yeast or mold problem for your syrup.

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