Sugar Syrup Disinfection

Sugar syrups are an important ingredient for many foods and beverages. For example, many foods, beverages & soft drinks use sugar syrups. Moreover, pharmaceutical manufacturers also use sugar syrups for products like cough syrups and tablet coatings.

Yeasts, molds, fungi and spores can easily spoil syrups. As a result, this spoils the products made with the syrup.

Common causes of microbial problems in sugar syrup:

  • Yeasts, molds & spores
  • Fungi and fungal spores
  • Bacteria and other pathogens

Common sources of microbial problems in sugar syrup:

  • Water used to make the syrup
  • Sugar
  • Air in headspace of the sugar syrup holding tank
  • Air and surfaces in processing/packing areas

Common effects of microbial problems in sugar syrup:

  • Rejection of products because of microbiological contamination (e.g. fungus/mold)
  • Lower shelf life of sugar syrup (or the product made with the sugar syrup)
  • Other microbial problems

Thermal Disinfection of Syrup

Traditionally, heat is used to disinfect syrups. However, heating has many limitations:

  • Insufficient protection from yeasts, fungi, fungal spores, etc.
  • Non-uniform disinfection because different parts of syrup are heated to different temperatures
  • Very expensive
  • Consumes lot of energy
  • Takes long time and slows down production
  • Needs periodic cleaning and maintenance
  • No protection from airborne microbes during storage
  • High maintenance costs and downtime

How to control yeast in Sugar Syrups?

Syrup disinfection poses multiple challenges to UV manufacturers. First of all, majority of syrups have very low UVT. Consequently such syrups absorb most germicidal UV-C energy. Secondly, depending on the Brix value, syrups tend to be viscous. Thirdly, yeasts and spores typically require high UV doses for inactivation.

As a result, conventional UV sterilizers struggle to control yeasts, molds and spores in syrups.

We have extensive experience with syrup disinfection. Advance BRX™ Series syrup disinfection units are specifically built to address the above challenges. Thin film and high UV dose design makes Advance BRX™ Series ideal for sugar syrup disinfection, maple syrup disinfection, apple syrup disinfection and disinfection of liquids with low UVT.

Advance BRX™ Series is popular with food and beverage manufacturers, brewing enthusiasts and large soft drink manufacturers. Likewise, Advance H™ Series protects syrup tanks from airborne yeasts and molds.

Contact us if you have any questions about UV disinfection of syrups.

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