Sugar Syrup UV Disinfection

Advance BRX™ Series: Sugar Syrup Disinfection Systems

Yeasts, bacteria & molds readily spoil sugar syrups. As a result, this reduces the shelf life of syrups & products made with the syrups. Heat sanitization is either not effective, or expensive, time consuming and messy .

Advance BRX™ Series is designed to protect syrups from yeasts, fungal spores, molds and thermo-resistant bacteria.

Advance BRX™ Series is designed to deliver high UV dose levels to low UVT sugar syrups. The special fittings make it easy to service and clean the Advance BRX™ Series UV units.

Advance BRX™ Series has proven performance in challenging sugar syrup UV disinfection applications at leading multinational food and beverage plants.

Advantages of Advance BRX™ Series syrup disinfection UV units

– Reliable inactivation of yeasts, temperature resistant bacteria, molds etc
– Lower downtime compared to thermal disinfection processes
– Superior process control through online monitoring of UV intensity
– Easy to use and maintain
– Available for a wide range from syrup flow rates
– Based on low pressure and medium pressure UV technologies depending on application

Advance BRX™ Series is ideal for UV disinfection of syrups for pharmaceuticals, food & beverage and craft beer. Contact us to discuss your syrup UV disinfection requirements.