Tank Headspace

Syrups and purified water stored in stainless steel tanks are susceptible to contamination from airborne molds, spores and other microbial contaminants. Conventional HEPA filters on the tanks do not provide adequate protection from airborne microbes.

Tank UV, UV Tank Disinfection
Advance H Series Tank Headspace UV Disinfection Unit

Advance H™ Series UV units are installed in ports on tank roof to protect the tank headspace from such airborne molds, spores and other contaminants. Advance H™ Series UV lamps irradiate the space around them with high intensity UV-C radiation to inactivate the airborne microbes.

Advance H™ Series UV units are available to suit Tri-Clover type sanitary ports, 2″ Table E flanged ports or 2″ BSP threaded ports. Custom sizes available.

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