UV Guard Ballast Replacements

UV Guard* Ballast Replacements

At our Sydney warehouse we stock an extensive range of UV-Guard* ballast replacements, all backed by expert advise on troubleshooting UV-Guard* UV units.

We have proven expertise and extensive experience servicing and troubleshooting UV-Guard* UV Ballasts, UV Guard* UV units and UVGuard* UV Control Panels.

Our stock of replacement UVGuard* UV ballast and UV Guard* Control Panel Spares includes electronic & magnetic ballasts to suit UV Guard* UV lamps, UV-Guard* Control Panels, UV-Guard* Power Supply units and a wide range of spare parts to suit UV-Guard UV lamp units. We carry extensive stock of high quality UV Guard* quartz replacements and UV Guard* UV lamp replacements.

In addition, we can also supply matching electronic UV ballasts, magnetic UV ballasts, quartz thimbles / quartz tubes /quartz sleeves and O rings to be used with these UV lamps.

Call us on (02) 9896 1165 to get expert recommendations and efficient service for your specific requirement of UVGuard UV Lamp* replacements.

UV-Guard* UV Lamp Replacements

We carry extensive stock of high quality UV Guard ballast replacements* and replacements for UV-Guard* UV controllers, UV Guard UV Control Panels and UV Guard UV Control Panel Spare Parts e.g.

UV Guard 40010
UV Guard 40020
UV Guard 40022
UV Guard 40023
UV Guard 40030
UV Guard 40036
UV Guard 40039
UV Guard 40040
UV Guard 40041
UV Guard 40042
UV Guard 40043
UV Guard 40044
UV Guard 40044-F
UV Guard 40045
UV Guard 40046
UV Guard 40048
UV Guard 40074
UV Guard 40080
UV Guard 40081
UV Guard 40082
UV Guard 40083
UV Guard 40084
UV Guard 40088
UV Guard 40100
UV Guard 40120
UV Guard 40121
UV Guard 40125
UV Guard 40132
UV Guard 40160
UV Guard 40161
UV Guard 40162
UV Guard 40168
UV Guard 40170
UV Guard 40172
UV Guard 40240
UV Guard 40248
UV Guard 40250
UV Guard 40265
UV Guard 40320
UV Guard 40325
UV Guard 40330
UV Guard 40335
UV Guard 40336
UV Guard 40388
UV Guard 40390
UV Guard 40392
UV Guard 40393
UV Guard 40400



UV GUARD*, UV GUARD* UV, UV GUARD* UV Lamp, UV GUARD* ultraviolet, UV GUARD* ultraviolet lamp, UV GUARD* UV bulb, UV GUARD* UV ballast, UV GUARD* quartz, UV GUARD* UV Service, UV GUARD* UV upgrade, etc. UV lamp, UV light & ultraviolet system manufacturers` brand names, trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners and while we make reference to the UV lamp, UV light & ultraviolet lamp system brand names, neither we, nor the UV-Guard replacement products we supply are in any way endorsed by or associated with these companies who sell UV lights, UV lamps, ultraviolet disinfection systems, ultraviolet lamps, quartz sleeves,  germicidal lamps, UV bulbs, UV ballasts, quartz tubes, quartz thimbles, UV bulbs, etc.