Waste Water Disinfection

Wastewater contains high concentrations of bacteria and other coliforms. It can also contain other microorganisms like viruses. Without adequate treatment, wastewater can easily spread diseases. As a result, disinfection is a key part of wastewater treatment. Modern processes like MBR, MBBR and UF can treat wastewater to a high level. Regardless, they are not designed for disinfection.  Consequently, UV plays a key role in wastewater disinfection.

Chlorine has its limitations in wastewater disinfection and costs of ozone disinfection of wastewater are prohibitive.

UV offers a reliable, non-chemical and economical way to disinfect wastewater. Moreover, UV disinfection is easy to monitor online and doesn’t require constant supply of chemicals.

Advantages of UV disinfection 

  • No microorganism is known to be immune to sufficient UV dose. Correctly used UV disinfection is effective against bacteria, viruses, spores, cysts, oocysts, yeasts, fungi, algae, etc.
  • Non chemical hence inherently safe
  • Easy to measure and control online
  • Online disinfection without requiring mixing tanks or holding periods
  • No risk of overdosing – generally the higher the UV Dose the better
  • Very economical
  • No corrosion

Limitations of UV disinfection

  • Suspended matter, grease and humic acids in wastewater  absorb UV-C energy.Therefore, UV disinfection requires good wastewater treatment.

Selection of wastewater UV lamp units depends on several factors. For example, peak flow rate, %UVT of wastewater, discharge regulations, all play a key role.

Advance ADV-C™ Series is popular for Packaged STPs, Household Sewage Treatment Plants and small commercial wastewater installations. These compact units are optimized for wastewater disinfection. Available options include manual wipers to clean quartz sleeves, weatherproof power supplies and UV intensity monitors.

For higher flow rates found in community & small to midsize wastewater treatment plants, Advance ADV-F™ Series is an ideal solution. It has multiple UV lamps, manual quartz sleeve wipers and hydraulic design to promote turbulence. Optional UV intensity, monitors are available.

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